Jennifer M. Ball / 包弫



催化剂 Catalyst (Soochow University, 2017) in both Chinese and English

Catalyst (Faber & Faber, 1997) a novel about scientists in a rock band, a love triangle, and scientific fraud. This book was taught at Stanford by Carl Djerassi—the inventor of the birth control pill—in a class called “Science in Fiction, not Science Fiction”

Higher Math, the Book Moose Minnion Never Wrote (Faber & Faber, 1991) a novel

The Verbum Book of Digital Typography (M & T Books, 1991) non-fiction

Agouron 1993 Annual Report

Stories in the San Diego Reader, 1997-2007


Berkeley Extension Methods & Mat. for Teaching ESL received an “A-,” 12/2012

Berkeley Elementary Mandarin Intensive Passed – Aug. 10, 2012

Berkeley Extension Mandarin II received an “A,” Spring 2012

Berkeley Extension Mandarin I received an “A,” Fall 2011

San Diego State University (SDSU) MFA in Creative Writing, 1994

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) BFA in Theater, 1981

Work Experience:

English Professor Soochow University, Suzhou, China, 2015-16; 2013-14

Music Editor San Diego Reader, 1997-2005

English 101 Instructor San Diego State University, 1992-1993

Computer Graphics Instructor Platt Technical College, 1991-1997

Lead singer/French horn/trumpet Fingerpuppets (rock band), 2006-current

Lead singer/French horn Free-Range Chickens (rock band), 1991-2005

Computer Graphic Artist Prepress Technologies, 1990

Computer Graphic Artist Hunter Industries, 1988-1990

Computer consultant Central National-Gottesman, Agouron, and Genprobe

Jennifer has given slide shows about language to scientific companies and universities in China. She has taught 355 Chinese college students. Jennifer wrote and directed “Life is a Low-Budget Musical” at UCLA, was on seven game shows, worked for the BBC, and was a comedian at the Comic Strip in New York City. Jennifer can speak elementary Mandarin as well as read and type simplified Hanzi.