Cross Analysis of Ancient Written Languages

The hypothesis that the alphabet is a hierarchy of human survival strategies occurred to me May 29, 2009 while walking on the beach. This was after intensive research into Greek and Latin root words in an effort to help our son, who, at age 9, struggled with English. In five years, he went from the 44th percentile to the 89th percentile on the standardized tests (SSAT, ISEE). I realized that there was unrecognized pattern in language based upon human bias (love of sex, importance of fertility, fear of pain and death, etc.), and that this pattern could be harnessed and exploited in order to facilitate the acquistion of a target language.

For maximum understanding, the best order for reading is left to right, top to bottom

The graphical depiction of meaning defines all writing. The following articles analyze the structures of written form and how they depict meaning. Taken together these structures share both topological congruence and the fundamental concept of human survival across all ancient written languages.

More Cross Analysis

Here are some more writings and research.

“Lady Gaga” meant “wet nurse” in Sumerian

Sumerian sign for "seed."

“Seed” in Sumerian

Female body parts are at the root of written language

“Slave Girl” in Chinese and “female” in Sumerian are oddly alike

Black is the New Black


I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color


4 = West = Wine

Are Jiahu Symbols Writing? Probably

Argument for a Structural Analysis of Chinese Characters

Breasts vs. Testes: which primate has the largest? Jared Diamond knows

Cantonese characters for penis and vagina

Chinese word for “heart” 心 comes from a penis

Could “Diddly squat” have come from the Babylonians?

Duh, I own it: Possession is Universal

Eyes come in pairs in many written languages

Eyes come as a pair, even when you’re only talking about one

Greek and Sumerian agree: Malag/malakos = prostitute/secondary wife—And an excellent source of milk

Hair as a Medium for Communication

Fish plus salt equals harmony in Sumerian cuneiform.

Harmony “hamun” is fish plus salt in Sumerian

Milk is Too Sexy for My Mouth

Mother or Donkey? They are both beasts of burden

Mothers are flowers, aren’t they?

Music, the ultimate narcotic, lulls one to sleep (along with milk)

I can almost speak fluent Chinese

Prototype for a Substructure – Searchable Database of Hanzi

Role of the “Opposite Dog “犭 Character in Chinese Writing: 631 Characters 279 definitions

Seal Script addendum to “Meow”

Dismembered Coyolxauhqui aztec goddess of the moon

Sex and War are inextricably linked

Sumerian Titillation

Tail = kun in cuneiform

Talk Dirty to Me in Sumerian

Thank you Steven Pinker

The Relationship of Stork to Child is 5,000 Years Old

The Role of the Female 女 Character in Chinese Writing: 1,496 characters and 645 definitions

Rice congee looks a lot like semen

The roots of “Please 请” are kind of messy

George Lakoff

To the Berkeley Professor of Linguistics:

We all emerge from an egg stored in a secret place — 我们都来自隐秘在某处的一枚卵

Who knew Sumerians were just like electricians?

Why does “uncle” in Hebrew look like “TIT”?

Mother Crab-eating macaque feeding her baby on concrete fence in the park

Why is “Milking” a Bad Word???

Women and children are itty-bitty and often confused for idiots

Grand Tetons

太太, tt, TT, דד all mean “boobs” in Chinese/English/Hebrew