Ancient Egyptian

Letter A: From Hawk to Ox

The oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs to have been discovered were inscribed around 3200 BC, fully formed, with no clear antecedent. This is more than 5,000…

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Chinese cat script superimposed over Ancient Egyptian cat script.

“Meow” is just another name for “cat”

Meow. We know this is the sound a cat makes. Five thousand years ago, so did the Ancient Egyptians. They just pronounced it “miw,”…

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Princesses celebrate with hidden word "princess"

Breasts, Vaginas, and Tools: Musings on the roots of our alphabet

If you want to describe something to someone, but neither of you speak the same language, drawing a picture is the simplest way to…

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Eyes come in pairs in many written languages

Eyes come as a pair, even when you’re only talking about one

My Business Card in Chinese and English  

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Photo of Avatar character

Men’s taste in women hasn’t changed much

05/18/2012 / No Comments Avatar, 2010, is seen to the left. Hathor, the cow-woman goddess, circa 500 B.C., is seen to the right. Hathor’s…

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Grand Tetons

太太, tt, TT, דד all mean “boobs” in Chinese/English/Hebrew

太太 = Mrs. tàitài tai4 tai4 Think about a “Mrs.” at a time of no birth control. These two “tais” represent breasts. “Tài tài”…

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