“Self, Other, and Canine”: The “Dog” Radical in Chinese History and Its Implications for Chinese Minority Identity

“自我,他指,以及犬系”: “反犬旁”在中国历史中的发展及其对中国少 数民族身份的暗示 Author Unknown ( 作者未知( Translated by Maggie Li 译者李琪 Presented by Jennifer Ball 出品人包弫 One of the peculiarities of the Chinese characters as…

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If we want to eliminate bias, we have to use the inclusive language of true leaders. #ChangeLanguageChangeMinds

Start Using Inclusive Language

If we want to help eliminate bias, we need to change our language, which includes not using “black” and “dark” as “bad.” No more…

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Black is the new black neon sign

#BlackIsBeautiful #DarkIsBeautiful #BlackIsNOTBad #DarkIsNOTBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad #NoMoreDarkIsBad The use of “dark” as a cliché perpetuates bias. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali all knew this. Martin Luther King:…

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The Roots of the Word for “Idiot” Reference Vaginas Because Men Wrote Language

Roots of the Word “Idiot”

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