Black cat, black, sheep, black swan: all are racist clichés. 黑猫,黑羊,黑天鹅:都是种族歧视俗套。

“Blacklists” and “Whitelists”

A salutary warning concerning the prevalence of racist language in discussions of predatory publishing Frank Houghton Director, HEALR Research Group, Limerick Institute of Technology,…

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“Self, Other, and Canine”: The “Dog” Radical in Chinese History and Its Implications for Chinese Minority Identity

“自我,他指,以及犬系”: “反犬旁”在中国历史中的发展及其对中国少 数民族身份的暗示 Author Unknown (It was available at until Summer 2020) 作者未知( Translated by Maggie Li 译者李琪 Presented by Jennifer Ball 出品人包弫 One of…

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inclusive language alternative words increase inclusion

Start Using Inclusive Language

If we want to help eliminate bias, we need to change our language, which includes not using “black” and “dark” as “bad.” No more…

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#ChangeLanguageChangeMinds #BlackIsBeautiful #DarkIsDarling #BlackIsNOTBad #DarkIsNOTBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad #NoMoreDarkIsBad

The use of darkness as a synonym for “bad” is a microaggression that results in macro-oppression. The constant devaluing of darkness pings upon the…

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The Roots of the Word for “Idiot” Reference Vaginas Because Men Wrote Language

Roots of the Word “Idiot”

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