Month: October 2017

Hair as a Medium for Communication

One’s hairstyle projects one’s status. Female hair telegraphs availability. Certain styles indicate “not yet: this wearer is too young to bear children.” Early communication was often about a female’s ability to carry offspring.

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Fig. 2 We don't recognize the alphabet's Times Roman capital “B” as related to "mother," but four other cultures do. The Chinese character for “milk” has the "female" radical on the left, and a “B”-shape on right. The Chinese character for “pregnant” has a “B” shape with the word for "child" emerging from its bottom. The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for “milk,” rotated 90° clockwise to facilitate comparison was pronounced /irtt/ or "to make TT" which sounds a lot like "tit" or "teat." The Thai character for “mother” has two lower case "b's," which resemble the word "boobs" as well as the actual appendages. The last character is Sumerian for "child," one who sucks milk from her mother. All of these words have both “B” shapes and meanings that relate to "mother." The breast imagery has been highlighted in blue.

乳房,阴道以及工具: 对英语字母系统的思考



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