Month: June 2017

#ChangeLanguageChangeMinds #BlackIsBeautiful #DarkIsDarling #BlackIsNOTBad #DarkIsNOTBad #NoMoreBlackIsBad #NoMoreDarkIsBad

The use of darkness as a synonym for “bad” is a microaggression that results in macro-oppression. The constant devaluing of darkness pings upon the…

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In ancient Sumerian, the relationship between mother and donkey is clear - both are beasts of burden.

Mother or Donkey? They are both beasts of burden

Soundwise, it’s a close call in Sumerian—Ama vs. Eme. Ama is “mother” in Sumerian 863 times; eme is “donkey” 354 times and “tongue” 178…

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Tail = kun in cuneiform

Or would that be tail = cun? The word “tail” has many meanings, but on an animal it is a flag to say, “Here…

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