Month: December 2012

Seal-Ovum-“gp”-Shaped Analysis

卵 ovum – luan3 (leon2 leon5 lo5) 孵 hatch, sit on eggs –  fu1 (fu1) 㲉 eggshells – kai4 ke2 (dik1 hok3) 毈 fertile eggs;…

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A spoon of rice bears resemblance to “semen”, a relationship that can be seen in the Chinese character for each word.

Rice-Semen Analysis of Chinese Characters

Rice-semen metaphor analysis Compiled by Jennifer Ball © September 4, 2010 Black = rice (米 or 禾) component Blue = essence, youth 青component Green…

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Female substructures (乃,丫,丑,母,etc.) in Chinese script

Females in Chinese Script by Jennifer Ball © February 16, 2011 Why is “Y” at the end of our alphabet? Because the shape of…

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Vaginas depicted in Sumerian: a database with commentary

This is the Sumerian word for “woman,” rotated 90° clockwise. During the development of their writing, the Sumerians rotated everything counter-clockwise by 90° for…

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