Month: December 2011

Interesting Chinese Characters #6: To Shoot; To Spurt

㢩 to shoot; to spurt, (same as 的) target for archery di4 ( Cantonese: dik1 dim3 tiu4) 的 = of, “de” in Chinese and…

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The cunning chipmunk holds something in its mouth.

Interesting Chinese Characters #4 and #5: Cunning involves holding something in one’s mouth

刁 tricky, sly, crafty, cunning diao1 (diu1) 叼 holding in mouth diao1 (diu1) In order to be cunning, what do you suppose one…

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Interesting Chinese Character #3: Ghost of One Devoured by Tiger

倀/伥 Ghost of one devoured by tiger; groping; rash; reckless Pinyin: chang1 Cantonese: coeng1, zaang1 伥

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The Large Pool of Bursa, by Jean-Leon Gerome, 1885, depicts a harem of women and children around a series of pools.

Interesting Chinese Characters #2: “Profundity”: you know this has to mean “sex”—in the form of a harem

㽎 The profundity of the harem, the mysterious and profound of the forbidden palace, the flourishing and exuberant of the flame. Pinyin: dǎn tán.…

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